Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Credit: Geefie 
Its amazing how a little shine and sparkle can make me smile. SHINY!! I'm wearing a red Allen Solly tank covered by a buttoned up vest that has tiny bead details that arent visible, H&M blue tights, a turquise ring and mask shaped earrings that arent visible and a silver belt.

I'm obsessed with belts. I buy a new one almost everytime I go into the market and i have them hanging on a clothesline in my storage space because they dont fit anywhere else. But I love that they can add character to an otherwise plain outfit and STRUCTURE. It cinches and makes me feel more shapely in the same outfit.
And Ill always wind up wearing one if I can find the time in the morning and add one that compliments the outfit.

Do you have a fetish for any particular garment type or accessory? Do you wear it all the time?  Tell me all about it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

You ARE Beautiful

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I am SICK of receiving advertisements about new diet pills and sauna belts; of most of my girlfriends complaining about their bodies and trying to put themselves on restrictive diets; of my parent trying out each new fad and constantly counting calories; and of the media making your body a primary issue. I am also fed up of unsolicited advice on my body weight. I'm not saying I'm not guilty of dieting, cribbing or obsessing- just suggesting that its time we moved on to healthier and more fun obsessions. But this is dedicated to all those people who have ever deprived themselves, had body image issues or suffered from any eating disorder.

firstly, your body weight is not up for discussion unless YOU want it to be, and bring it up. So smile and tell those pompous people who try to tell you how much weight you need to lose/put on, to bugger off and mind their own business. Secondly, its absolutely normal to worry about the way you look. (hullo, whats fashion all about?) But you work with what you have, be proud of it and work your outfit.
FOOD. I dont believe in restrictive diets. I've been on one and I have never felt so weak, dazed and terrible in my life. It fogged up my brain and took away all my energy and turned my into a dizzy but cranky bitch. Point? Don't ignore what your body needs and appreciate that different body types are perfectly okay and only you need to accept yourself. Life is too short to give up those little pleasures to conform to somebody else's idea of a perfect body.
What do you think of this excessively talked about issue? Have you struggled in this aspect?


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early morning breeze and a floral blouse in sight. What better time to dress up?

I'm writing after ages, finally inspired again. Outfit- Floral Blouse, Mid-waist jeans, brown belt, bag, copper kolahpuris and red drop heart dangle earrings. :)
The lack of recent writing does however mean that my photography skills have hit an all time low, hence I look like a flat blob. :p

But honestly, dressing up this morning was such a good idea- I felt less sleepy in class despite having worked most of the previous night, and I was ready to step out and go to town, shop and had a simple fun day. Even though it wasn't eactly dressing UP- going to my college has its limitations. (sigh).

Its amazing how just a little thought into what you're wearing in the morning can impact how you feel the entire day!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Live.Because you can.

Sunshine!!! Finally!! It was still a little chilly this morning, but, thank god, there was a bright sun.
I was thinking this morning about life, (yes this is what happens at 4 AM on a monday, don't ask) and wondering why we we're always in a rush. For sure, there are tasks to be finished, projects and jobs to do and errands to run. but this is LIFE. We're only getting one shot. Why not live it? Why wait for special occasions to celebrate or dress up- they're so few.
Granted, I attend a law college, but we're still young; why not dress up while we can; before we're subjected to that restrictive black and white only dress code for work? I don't understand the culture of wearing sweats(pants/shirts) to class. EVERYDAY. Why? Not only do they look shabby, they also make you feel lousy, and law school is depressing enough without that. Wear what you want, be it high heels or silver hair extensions.
Live while you can, dress up because its a new day and thats special enough. Oh incidentally, I wore an outrageous navy and beige checkered hair bow to class today. Because it made me feel pretty, and how you feel about yourself at the end of the day is all that counts.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Its been such horrible gloomy rainy weather lately. And cold. Why is it COLD in JULY?! Its almost like we've been put in the Harry Potter novel where all the Dementors were set loose and causing misery. SIGH. Anyway, I felt like a little retro outfit today, not all the way, just a touch. Hence the Acid Wash oversize shirt tied into a knot; worn over a black tube from calvin and klien, skinny very blue jeans from Lee, and a cowboy-inspired belt; a silver ring. and of course in this weather, chappals. pretty ones with the newspaper print on the sole. 
The outfit is very comfortable, which is where I got lucky, given the day I've had so far with insufferable professors who cant make up their minds; colds and gossipy people. I love acid wash! Im so kicked its back on the runway. So, acid wash clothes. Love or Hate?
Hot chocolate and Chick-lit,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I really wanted to dress up more today, but I have a long day ahead and my piercing decided to ache this morning. SIGH. But thank god for kurtas. :) What I'm wearing: Plain white kurta from Fab India, Basic slim fit Jeans from Levise; copper kolahpuris, assorted cloth bangles from delhi haat, a green scarf and a Khadi Jute bag.

I do plan on making a skirt later today, will post pictures when I do. Meanwhile,

I also wanted an opinion on what everyone feels about wearing two different prints together; my gut level on clothing is usually very low so I keep playing safe; but is it okay to have two absolutely different prints going on top and bottom? Is it something you would wear; my ultimate fear is not only that it will clash, but also that it will make me look broader.

What I'm hooked onto today:
     I came across this comic, its the second Google result for girly comic; and its awesomely done :)
I'm crushing on these pair of boots, as part of my current love affair with all things studded or with sequins.
Bea Valdes continues to stun me with jewelery, it onspires me to go bead hunting every time. Look at this purple stunner.

Of cherries and sunlight

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello all! I'm finally putting up pictures of what I'm wearing or making, and will try to make it a daily thing. Unfortunately, college doesn't allow me to get dressed up much, but still, I try. :)
what I'm wearing: blue tank top from chemistry; black tights from H&M, grey rubber shoes from Bata for the rain; and black Shoulderbag with silver sequins. too rainy to accessor-ize beyond this for the day. hopefully, the attempt at doing this everyday will motivate me. Please, feel free to comment and suggest.

sequins and fluff,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I adore sales! They're wondrous and its awesome what you can get out of them. Specially when the sale is on basics. :) A few days back, I went with a couple of friends to the mall and Levise Signature had this buy one get one free offer and the jeans were really cheap to start with. SCORE! Their no altering policy and my endless blog reading meant Craft Time. I altered one pair by myself and was left with scrap denim. Result? Cool denim hair bow.
Take the scrap, snip it to the sizeyou want the hair bow to be, hole punch the center and push a ribbon, the color of your choice through and tie at the back. for extra strength, stitch or super-glue it together so that the creases stay the way you want them to.
Now I have an extra pair of jeans that are identical. Ripped still in fashion?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mornings can be such happy things if you've actually slept the night before; after the first five minutes of having finished getting out of bed. :)
GOD, forgive me for I have sinned. I spent an entire twenty minutes checking out JUMPSUITS despite the fact that they're so fugly. Amen.
But still, muhaha. I went shopping yesterday, as planned for a change, and was too lazy to try anything on. So I wound up buying a gigantic black t shirt with a skull on both sides that falls a little higher than my knees. YAY! Minidress. Now I just have to cut off the sleeves and neck. :D Total bargain for what I paid for it.
Note to self- Must post pics of shopping soon. :)
hugs and mush

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I think the only thing that comes close to leering men on my Hate List are dirty public loos. EWW! I had to use one the other day and when I got back home, I was in the shower for an hour, scrubbing away to make sure i don't get a damn infection. sigh.
I'm in a very rocky grunge mood today + I've spent way too much time on T-shirt surgery websites. Now the rest of the day is planned out:  Tear up some baggy t shirts to spunk them up a bit. Maybe hot pink ribbons too?And of course, junk jewelery shopping. Its the perfect fix to a day at work. I have to revisit this cool new place I discovered on my "I will go shopping alone in the city trip". The retailer is also the the one who makes all of the stuff and it is an amazing collection. Like a designer shop; but cheaper.
*happy dance*
I was at mango yesterday, waiting for a friend to show up for a movie. I'm in love. Skinny Pants anyone? They look yummy and feel super comfy. to start and im in love with those skinny pants. yummy; an they feel so comfy. I don't know about the fit though; Shutter Island kind of ended any desire to shop. (picture link)

What seems to be difficult this season is finding a dress that fits and doesn't need to be worn with a belt. I love belts, but I would really appreciate a heads up on a cute club-wear dress thats not to expensive and embraces the body. I'm also in love with ripped tights at the moment; the debate there is to buy or to make?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Is it wrong to want super shiny super luxe sneakers?
I mean apart from the fact that I would never work out in them. So YUMMY! I can't wait to get my hands on these, and I don't know how soon that will be. Clearly my fascination for all things gold and shiny has not died out. *Must not wear them with more shiny golden things*. And this reminds me to continue my since, like, forever hunt for a pretty and affordable not-over-the top studded bag. Willpower. I think if I spend even 5 more minutes on fashion websites today, I will require a new credit card. SIGH.
If anyone knows where to get cute shiny stuff, please post.
much love

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Jumpsuits. i think i made it clear in the last post, how much they annoy me. but still, they're here and havent yet been banished to be used for construction workers on Mars. because really, that the only place where they might just begin to fit in. speaking of which, i was apalled by tyra banks devotiton to them on tope model. it felt like she didnt wear anything else, ever, for an entire season. I mean she 's hot and all. but style icon? girl, you're going down on my list.

Here's the loop on jumpsuits (if you are going to wear them, despite my warning)

1. NO DENIM. you are not going to do hard labor in a mine. as much as I am for class euality and respecting jobs, if you re not working as a miner; dont LOOK like one. NO!
2. baggy pant ending. they're bad enough on their own, please dont make it worse by looking like you left your house in PJs
3. baggy top. yes i know you can clinch it. yes it hides flab. yes the bottom might be fitting. if thats what you want, just wear a cute short kaftan with short shorts. dont look like you decided to wear a garbage bag on your upper body and found machy shorts or pants. please.
4. baggy anything. yes it looks a like nightgown in a very non sultry non attarctive way. so unless you want to tell the world you're too lazy to athe and change in the morning, please spare us.
5. if you must wear one, i suggest going for one that cute, simple and clean. like a tube top with pants that are narrow fit; or a sleevelss-ey top one with shorts. and then pair with a belt or chunky chain, or both. that might still be okay

PS: the picture isnt mine. here is the link:
Chanel Iman is so wow. which is why i dont understand her disaster at le met ball. that outfit. i mean yay for going plunging neckline and all, but dude why wont the world move on and over those godawful jumpsuits. they dont look good, and they dont flatter anyone, not even barbie. and they're not forma, no matter how shiny you make them. but still, chanel is amazing, and i love her style( most of the time, anyway). and she's inspiring me to lose weight. yay, i'll be 110 pounds soon. :)

Ripped tights? I mean I love the way they look and how they're all bad ass and spunky but you really have to be careful of how your upper body looks and what shoes you wear unless you're keen on advertising for a paper shredder. Pair them with a crisp boyfriend shirt, a big black belt and pumps, and you 're good to go without being over the top.

what about pairing them with glam inside? like sparkly golden tights under slate grey ripped tights with a basic long t shirt, funk bracelets and kohlapuris? it looks awesome in my head, think i ll try and post a pic soon.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

okay so i have had it with strange facebook people. no, it is not okay to randomly send requests to people you have never met. no, it is not cool to have strange symbol things in your name. i thought that was done away with when in the eight grade; when MSN and AOL were the in thing as was communicating with emoticons and fonts that looked like the ornate letters placed at the beginning of a tale from the Arabian Nights. (i plead guilty to that trend). I wish people would grow up, SIGH.

speaking of trends, i cant believe denim is back, and with a vengeance. As if jumpsuits weren't bad enough to start with, its been reintroduced in Denim on the ramp. because of course, we all want to look like we left the house in a hurry to buy more paint and didn't have time to change out of crappy work clothes.
first blog post. its been a long time since i've blogged, and this new blog is in le honeymoon phase. and im really bored, sitting in office, taking a break with no distractions, on a new diet with the captain planet song stuck in my head. the result:
Captain Juice, that's our hero!
Gonna take your size down to zero!

its all nutrients combined
and you can drink it on the side

Captain Juice, that's our hero!
Gonna take your size down to zero!

gonna help us put under
all those evils carbs which make us blunder!

Captain Juice, that's our hero!
Gonna take you size down to zero!

We're the zero sizers,
you can be one too.
cause reducing your sizee is the thing to do!

Eating and binge-ing is not the way!
thats what captain juice has to say!

Go Captain Juice!