Monday, August 2, 2010

Live.Because you can.

Sunshine!!! Finally!! It was still a little chilly this morning, but, thank god, there was a bright sun.
I was thinking this morning about life, (yes this is what happens at 4 AM on a monday, don't ask) and wondering why we we're always in a rush. For sure, there are tasks to be finished, projects and jobs to do and errands to run. but this is LIFE. We're only getting one shot. Why not live it? Why wait for special occasions to celebrate or dress up- they're so few.
Granted, I attend a law college, but we're still young; why not dress up while we can; before we're subjected to that restrictive black and white only dress code for work? I don't understand the culture of wearing sweats(pants/shirts) to class. EVERYDAY. Why? Not only do they look shabby, they also make you feel lousy, and law school is depressing enough without that. Wear what you want, be it high heels or silver hair extensions.
Live while you can, dress up because its a new day and thats special enough. Oh incidentally, I wore an outrageous navy and beige checkered hair bow to class today. Because it made me feel pretty, and how you feel about yourself at the end of the day is all that counts.