Friday, July 30, 2010

Its been such horrible gloomy rainy weather lately. And cold. Why is it COLD in JULY?! Its almost like we've been put in the Harry Potter novel where all the Dementors were set loose and causing misery. SIGH. Anyway, I felt like a little retro outfit today, not all the way, just a touch. Hence the Acid Wash oversize shirt tied into a knot; worn over a black tube from calvin and klien, skinny very blue jeans from Lee, and a cowboy-inspired belt; a silver ring. and of course in this weather, chappals. pretty ones with the newspaper print on the sole. 
The outfit is very comfortable, which is where I got lucky, given the day I've had so far with insufferable professors who cant make up their minds; colds and gossipy people. I love acid wash! Im so kicked its back on the runway. So, acid wash clothes. Love or Hate?
Hot chocolate and Chick-lit,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I really wanted to dress up more today, but I have a long day ahead and my piercing decided to ache this morning. SIGH. But thank god for kurtas. :) What I'm wearing: Plain white kurta from Fab India, Basic slim fit Jeans from Levise; copper kolahpuris, assorted cloth bangles from delhi haat, a green scarf and a Khadi Jute bag.

I do plan on making a skirt later today, will post pictures when I do. Meanwhile,

I also wanted an opinion on what everyone feels about wearing two different prints together; my gut level on clothing is usually very low so I keep playing safe; but is it okay to have two absolutely different prints going on top and bottom? Is it something you would wear; my ultimate fear is not only that it will clash, but also that it will make me look broader.

What I'm hooked onto today:
     I came across this comic, its the second Google result for girly comic; and its awesomely done :)
I'm crushing on these pair of boots, as part of my current love affair with all things studded or with sequins.
Bea Valdes continues to stun me with jewelery, it onspires me to go bead hunting every time. Look at this purple stunner.

Of cherries and sunlight

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello all! I'm finally putting up pictures of what I'm wearing or making, and will try to make it a daily thing. Unfortunately, college doesn't allow me to get dressed up much, but still, I try. :)
what I'm wearing: blue tank top from chemistry; black tights from H&M, grey rubber shoes from Bata for the rain; and black Shoulderbag with silver sequins. too rainy to accessor-ize beyond this for the day. hopefully, the attempt at doing this everyday will motivate me. Please, feel free to comment and suggest.

sequins and fluff,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I adore sales! They're wondrous and its awesome what you can get out of them. Specially when the sale is on basics. :) A few days back, I went with a couple of friends to the mall and Levise Signature had this buy one get one free offer and the jeans were really cheap to start with. SCORE! Their no altering policy and my endless blog reading meant Craft Time. I altered one pair by myself and was left with scrap denim. Result? Cool denim hair bow.
Take the scrap, snip it to the sizeyou want the hair bow to be, hole punch the center and push a ribbon, the color of your choice through and tie at the back. for extra strength, stitch or super-glue it together so that the creases stay the way you want them to.
Now I have an extra pair of jeans that are identical. Ripped still in fashion?