Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Credit: Geefie 
Its amazing how a little shine and sparkle can make me smile. SHINY!! I'm wearing a red Allen Solly tank covered by a buttoned up vest that has tiny bead details that arent visible, H&M blue tights, a turquise ring and mask shaped earrings that arent visible and a silver belt.

I'm obsessed with belts. I buy a new one almost everytime I go into the market and i have them hanging on a clothesline in my storage space because they dont fit anywhere else. But I love that they can add character to an otherwise plain outfit and STRUCTURE. It cinches and makes me feel more shapely in the same outfit.
And Ill always wind up wearing one if I can find the time in the morning and add one that compliments the outfit.

Do you have a fetish for any particular garment type or accessory? Do you wear it all the time?  Tell me all about it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

You ARE Beautiful

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I am SICK of receiving advertisements about new diet pills and sauna belts; of most of my girlfriends complaining about their bodies and trying to put themselves on restrictive diets; of my parent trying out each new fad and constantly counting calories; and of the media making your body a primary issue. I am also fed up of unsolicited advice on my body weight. I'm not saying I'm not guilty of dieting, cribbing or obsessing- just suggesting that its time we moved on to healthier and more fun obsessions. But this is dedicated to all those people who have ever deprived themselves, had body image issues or suffered from any eating disorder.

firstly, your body weight is not up for discussion unless YOU want it to be, and bring it up. So smile and tell those pompous people who try to tell you how much weight you need to lose/put on, to bugger off and mind their own business. Secondly, its absolutely normal to worry about the way you look. (hullo, whats fashion all about?) But you work with what you have, be proud of it and work your outfit.
FOOD. I dont believe in restrictive diets. I've been on one and I have never felt so weak, dazed and terrible in my life. It fogged up my brain and took away all my energy and turned my into a dizzy but cranky bitch. Point? Don't ignore what your body needs and appreciate that different body types are perfectly okay and only you need to accept yourself. Life is too short to give up those little pleasures to conform to somebody else's idea of a perfect body.
What do you think of this excessively talked about issue? Have you struggled in this aspect?


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early morning breeze and a floral blouse in sight. What better time to dress up?

I'm writing after ages, finally inspired again. Outfit- Floral Blouse, Mid-waist jeans, brown belt, bag, copper kolahpuris and red drop heart dangle earrings. :)
The lack of recent writing does however mean that my photography skills have hit an all time low, hence I look like a flat blob. :p

But honestly, dressing up this morning was such a good idea- I felt less sleepy in class despite having worked most of the previous night, and I was ready to step out and go to town, shop and had a simple fun day. Even though it wasn't eactly dressing UP- going to my college has its limitations. (sigh).

Its amazing how just a little thought into what you're wearing in the morning can impact how you feel the entire day!