Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early morning breeze and a floral blouse in sight. What better time to dress up?

I'm writing after ages, finally inspired again. Outfit- Floral Blouse, Mid-waist jeans, brown belt, bag, copper kolahpuris and red drop heart dangle earrings. :)
The lack of recent writing does however mean that my photography skills have hit an all time low, hence I look like a flat blob. :p

But honestly, dressing up this morning was such a good idea- I felt less sleepy in class despite having worked most of the previous night, and I was ready to step out and go to town, shop and had a simple fun day. Even though it wasn't eactly dressing UP- going to my college has its limitations. (sigh).

Its amazing how just a little thought into what you're wearing in the morning can impact how you feel the entire day!


  1. I do like the top. Also, perhaps it's just the fact that one actually made an effort so early in the day to have fun that turned the day around? :)

  2. Possibly. Either way, I'm definitely blogging again. Thank you for that nudge I needed. :)

  3. :) Of course. Now I can spy and comment.

  4. You look so refreshed! I love it- so glad you're blogging again! Thinking about dressing up is one of the most productive daily mental exercises, because you feel the effects of it for the rest of the day :D


  5. Love the top, I do agree with Tessa. When I dress up in the morning automatically my day goes a lot better because of that little extra effort i put in the morning. :)

    Glad to see you're blogging again. I would love for us to stay in touch if you would not mind.

    I am on blogger, FB and Twitter. Just let me know where you want to connect and I'd be happy to reciprocate. :)

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Love from Toronto, Canada