Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Credit: Geefie 
Its amazing how a little shine and sparkle can make me smile. SHINY!! I'm wearing a red Allen Solly tank covered by a buttoned up vest that has tiny bead details that arent visible, H&M blue tights, a turquise ring and mask shaped earrings that arent visible and a silver belt.

I'm obsessed with belts. I buy a new one almost everytime I go into the market and i have them hanging on a clothesline in my storage space because they dont fit anywhere else. But I love that they can add character to an otherwise plain outfit and STRUCTURE. It cinches and makes me feel more shapely in the same outfit.
And Ill always wind up wearing one if I can find the time in the morning and add one that compliments the outfit.

Do you have a fetish for any particular garment type or accessory? Do you wear it all the time?  Tell me all about it.


  1. Next time, the pic will have to be better.

  2. Haha, you'll get trained in photography then. Lots of practice, I'll give you. :)