Friday, July 30, 2010

Its been such horrible gloomy rainy weather lately. And cold. Why is it COLD in JULY?! Its almost like we've been put in the Harry Potter novel where all the Dementors were set loose and causing misery. SIGH. Anyway, I felt like a little retro outfit today, not all the way, just a touch. Hence the Acid Wash oversize shirt tied into a knot; worn over a black tube from calvin and klien, skinny very blue jeans from Lee, and a cowboy-inspired belt; a silver ring. and of course in this weather, chappals. pretty ones with the newspaper print on the sole. 
The outfit is very comfortable, which is where I got lucky, given the day I've had so far with insufferable professors who cant make up their minds; colds and gossipy people. I love acid wash! Im so kicked its back on the runway. So, acid wash clothes. Love or Hate?
Hot chocolate and Chick-lit,


  1. Pictures! I love the pictures! :)

    I like this one, and now I know what Acid Wash is. I must say, though, I still have no idea what the hell runway means, except in airport terms and The Devil Wears Prada. From what I read from you, I gather it means the current fashion, etc.

    And there, I've commented for the first time. :)

  2. And I hope there are more to come. Thanks! :)

  3. Your photography skills are becoming great- I love the first shot!

    I think acid wash is neat. I thrifted a totally out-there ACID SCREAMING jacket once...and ended up cutting it up and making a wallet, haha, but I still like it. It's kind of been overdone by Urban Outfitters & the like, but some versions are still very appealing.

  4. Thanks! Photo-whoring in front of the camera is actually fun. :D

  5. Yeah why is it cold??! its kinda pleasant in Delhi, sort of liking it here...i have seen your newspaper print chappals!!! are they the same? :)
    yeah the shirt looks great!

  6. Because all the weather does here is RAIN!! Hence cold and gloomy. But we have some sun right now. :)
    And yes, they're the same chappals. Its kinda funny how we wore ours together. :D
    And thanks!