Friday, June 4, 2010

Jumpsuits. i think i made it clear in the last post, how much they annoy me. but still, they're here and havent yet been banished to be used for construction workers on Mars. because really, that the only place where they might just begin to fit in. speaking of which, i was apalled by tyra banks devotiton to them on tope model. it felt like she didnt wear anything else, ever, for an entire season. I mean she 's hot and all. but style icon? girl, you're going down on my list.

Here's the loop on jumpsuits (if you are going to wear them, despite my warning)

1. NO DENIM. you are not going to do hard labor in a mine. as much as I am for class euality and respecting jobs, if you re not working as a miner; dont LOOK like one. NO!
2. baggy pant ending. they're bad enough on their own, please dont make it worse by looking like you left your house in PJs
3. baggy top. yes i know you can clinch it. yes it hides flab. yes the bottom might be fitting. if thats what you want, just wear a cute short kaftan with short shorts. dont look like you decided to wear a garbage bag on your upper body and found machy shorts or pants. please.
4. baggy anything. yes it looks a like nightgown in a very non sultry non attarctive way. so unless you want to tell the world you're too lazy to athe and change in the morning, please spare us.
5. if you must wear one, i suggest going for one that cute, simple and clean. like a tube top with pants that are narrow fit; or a sleevelss-ey top one with shorts. and then pair with a belt or chunky chain, or both. that might still be okay

PS: the picture isnt mine. here is the link:

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