Wednesday, June 2, 2010

okay so i have had it with strange facebook people. no, it is not okay to randomly send requests to people you have never met. no, it is not cool to have strange symbol things in your name. i thought that was done away with when in the eight grade; when MSN and AOL were the in thing as was communicating with emoticons and fonts that looked like the ornate letters placed at the beginning of a tale from the Arabian Nights. (i plead guilty to that trend). I wish people would grow up, SIGH.

speaking of trends, i cant believe denim is back, and with a vengeance. As if jumpsuits weren't bad enough to start with, its been reintroduced in Denim on the ramp. because of course, we all want to look like we left the house in a hurry to buy more paint and didn't have time to change out of crappy work clothes.


  1. I know!
    So many random friend requests! Since when did Facebook morph into Orkut?!

  2. facebook truly has become popular amongst the creeps, hence the random friend requests!!

  3. i know. its like hi5 or one of those sites. sigh.