Friday, June 4, 2010

Chanel Iman is so wow. which is why i dont understand her disaster at le met ball. that outfit. i mean yay for going plunging neckline and all, but dude why wont the world move on and over those godawful jumpsuits. they dont look good, and they dont flatter anyone, not even barbie. and they're not forma, no matter how shiny you make them. but still, chanel is amazing, and i love her style( most of the time, anyway). and she's inspiring me to lose weight. yay, i'll be 110 pounds soon. :)

Ripped tights? I mean I love the way they look and how they're all bad ass and spunky but you really have to be careful of how your upper body looks and what shoes you wear unless you're keen on advertising for a paper shredder. Pair them with a crisp boyfriend shirt, a big black belt and pumps, and you 're good to go without being over the top.

what about pairing them with glam inside? like sparkly golden tights under slate grey ripped tights with a basic long t shirt, funk bracelets and kohlapuris? it looks awesome in my head, think i ll try and post a pic soon.


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