Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I think the only thing that comes close to leering men on my Hate List are dirty public loos. EWW! I had to use one the other day and when I got back home, I was in the shower for an hour, scrubbing away to make sure i don't get a damn infection. sigh.
I'm in a very rocky grunge mood today + I've spent way too much time on T-shirt surgery websites. Now the rest of the day is planned out:  Tear up some baggy t shirts to spunk them up a bit. Maybe hot pink ribbons too?And of course, junk jewelery shopping. Its the perfect fix to a day at work. I have to revisit this cool new place I discovered on my "I will go shopping alone in the city trip". The retailer is also the the one who makes all of the stuff and it is an amazing collection. Like a designer shop; but cheaper.
*happy dance*

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